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inventoryitem_replica crashes related to changing a prefabs movespeed multiplier

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The crash in question.

[02:08:51]: [string "scripts/components/inventoryitem_replica.lu..."]:272: attempt to index field 'classified' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

scripts/components/inventoryitem_replica.lua:272 in (method) SetWalkSpeedMult (Lua) <260-273>


Line 272 is   self.classified.walkspeedmult:set(x)

Simply putting

        if self.classified ~= nil then

causes the crash to stop happening.

Crash specifically happens when an armor changes its movespeed inside the OnTakeDamage function and the armor you're using breaks. Only on cave enabled servers and only as a client.

Do note that this crash is related to a mod, and not vanilla, but the solution is an easy fix I believe.
However, once I sent my friend a version of inventoryitem_replica with the change to line 272
that I showed earlier, their server no longer crashed when the gemstone armor broke.

So I am 100% certain that this fix

Here's a full pastebin.

Steps to Reproduce
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724411141 Use armor that changes movespeed on attack. (orange gem armor) Enable caves on server or be a client. Have armor break.

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