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  1. so what do I put inside { }? btw, my script is currently using v:PushEvent("respawnfromghost") as its an aoe revival effect. This also didn't crash until a recent update. However, your fix does help. Thank you rezecib. I didn't know exactly how to pass data with the pushevent.
  2. Line 971 is (data.user ~= nil and data.user:GetDisplayName()) or when it needs to be (data ~= nil and data.user ~= nil and data.user:GetDisplayName()) or Tested it myself. Works fine. Without this, any mod that uses a custom resurrection function via custom action or an Area of Effect resurrection function will crash. This didn't crash before, a recent update seems to have caused this.
  3. The crash in question. [02:08:51]: [string "scripts/components/inventoryitem_replica.lu..."]:272: attempt to index field 'classified' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/components/inventoryitem_replica.lua:272 in (method) SetWalkSpeedMult (Lua) <260-273> Line 272 is self.classified.walkspeedmult:set(x) Simply putting if self.classified ~= nil then self.classified.walkspeedmult:set(x) end causes the crash to stop happening. Crash specifically happens when an armor changes its movespeed inside the OnTakeDamage function and the armor you're using breaks. Only on cave enabled servers and only as a client. Do note that this crash is related to a mod, and not vanilla, but the solution is an easy fix I believe. However, once I sent my friend a version of inventoryitem_replica with the change to line 272 that I showed earlier, their server no longer crashed when the gemstone armor broke. So I am 100% certain that this fix Here's a full pastebin. http://pastebin.com/zxKibVcr
  4. This behavior has existed for a long time but I refuse to believe it's intended behavior. Here, we can see the terrorbeak take damage despite them teleporting away, which causes them to teleport again after they've already teleported. The crawling horror's don't exhibit the same behavior as Terror beaks when they teleport. The attack properly misses. This probably stems from the fact that they share the same stategraph code, and crawling horror's existed before Terror Beaks. The Disappear animation for crawling horror and terror beaks both end around frame 430, but Terror Beaks max frames for that animation is 500, instead of 434 like crawling horrors. This might be the cause of this issue, but I don't know. :edit: Tested myself. De-compiled and changed the disappear animation max 434 frames. No longer get hit our of their teleport state.
  5. Issue caused by Line 78 in mushroom_farm.lua after burning a mushroom farm. checking if trader ~= nil is a simple fix, but I feel there might be something else going on.
  6. Before the patch that fixed quickcast animations on cave enabled servers, the spellcaster component function canonlyuseonlocomotors would allow the caster to target themselves with a spell. As of this patch, it's no longer possible to target oneself with spells. Not sure if this is an issue with other mods, but this prevents mods (like mine) that have a healer from letting the healer heal themselves, as they simply can't target themselves anymore.
  7. They provide small tier insulation. Basically a value of 60 for each respective protection. So that means wearing red armor in the summer won't overheat you. Or blue armor in the winter won't freeze you. The benefits of each are small, just a nice touch to validate their usefulness.
  8. Gemstone Armor! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=724411141 Link to the steam workshop page This mod currently adds 3 new sets of armor. Each comprised of gemstones. All 3 have wooden armor levels of absorption and a long lifetime. Purple armor has slightly more. All armor have very small amounts of waterproofness as well. Red Armor - 2 Rope, 1 flint, 5 red gems. Provides small levels of insulation. Recovers 5 hp over 5 seconds when hit. Blue Armor - 2 rope, 1 flint, 5 blue gems. Provides small levels of overheat protection. 10% chance to deal 10 damage to and freeze all nearby attackers for 2 seconds. Purple Armor - 1 Living log, 2 flint, 3 purple gems. 20% chance to cause a haunt-able target to panic, making them run around in terror for 4 seconds while taking 10 damage. You lose 1 sanity when this procs. This armor has negative dapperness. I'll be adding the ruin gemstones in a future update. Green, Yellow and Orange armor.
  9. The particular animation is one called when using (inst.components.spellcaster.castingstate = "castspell_tornado") It uses the basic swing animation when on a non-cave server. When on a cave enabled server, the animation is... well weird.
  10. I have since changed my code and found a workaround by making the default option blank and the new config actually change something. I'm sorry. I tried to word the situation as best as possible but I'm not entirely sure if it was something I was doing wrong or just intentional behavior that has an adverse effect. Aka, behaving as it should, but not how I expected it to. Also, it behaved differently depending on if I was in a cave enabled server or not, which is why I changed how it was done in the first place. Sorry, I hope it wasn't too much of a bother.
  11. Resetting mod config data doesn't reset the value to the default option, instead erases the config data entirely. If the default is enabled, and you can switch to disabled. Hitting reset doesn't switch it back to enabled, it switches it to nothing. Causing neither the disabled nor enabled function of my code to work. Here I added a picture of mod config options. Now, even though all the values are on enabled, code within modmain that requires them to be set to enabled don't work if I hit the reset button and start the server. Here's an example. if EnableShops=="enabled" then if IsServer then inst:AddTag("shopper") end elseif EnableShops=="disabled" then inst:RemoveTag("shopper") end If I click the arrows to disable, and back to enable, it works properly. However, hitting the reset button and then starting the server causes the code to not work, guessing the reset button isn't actually reading the default values of modinfo config options, and just erasing any data what so. To summarize. Hitting reset causes modconfig options to not work despite showing enabled. Simply switching them to disabled, and then back to enabled causes them to work again. This leaves be to believe reset button is erasing the options entirely, and not just reverting them to default.
  12. I've since released a sizable update to this mod. Added in the lunar shovel/spade. The meteor shower is now more reliable and the meteors fall quicker. the tools are lighter and grant a .5 movespeed bonus. Not much but its there.
  13. Thank you guys for your quick reply. This will be useful later, but for now I found a different method of spawning for the custom entity. <3 Always so helpful though.
  14. This mod allows you to make powerful tools and weapons out of lunar stone. No more just letting your lunar stone sitting around in chests. Link to the mod = http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=691287868 These meteors are special ones, they don't break objects, they don't damage players, and they they do a fixed amount of damage regardless of size. Lunar Tools: Axe, Hammer, and Pickaxe. Double the durability of Golden Tools. (Hammer just simply has double its usual durability.) And they do more damage. 30 for the axe and pickaxe. 35 for the hammer. Lunar Weapons: Celestial Spear - Slightly weaker than the battle spear, but a .5 increase in melee range. Meteor Shower - Magical staff that summons special meteors down. These meteors don't break anything, and only damage enemies, and do fixed amount of damage regardless of size. Lunar Amulet: Makes you lighter, granting 10% increased movespeed. You have a 25% chance to summon a meteor down when you're hit. Crafting materials Lunar Spear = rope, spear, moon rock nugget Lunar Axe = flint, twigs, moon rock nugget Lunar Pick = flint x2, twigs x2, moon rock nugget Lunar Hammer = rope x2, log x2, moon rock nugget x2 Lunar Staff = rope x2, living log x2, moon rock nugget x2 Lunar Amulet = gold nugget x5, nightmare fuel x2, moon rock nugget x2 Tools require alchemy engine. Magic items require shadow manipulator.