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Invasive Fix to Celestial Champion phase3 kiting

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@ScottHansen Prior to Game Hotfix 478990, you can usually land 5 to 8 hits with a melee weapon depending on your attack speed.  You may achieve a flawless battle against Alterguardian easily with some practise like this with only a hambat and walking cane.

However it's now nearly impossible to even defeat Alterguardian phase 3 using equipments above, not to mention a flawless run. I found it hard to stun-lock it and due to this most of time it's him kiting me. I can now land 3 - 5 hits with a melee weapon and it will flee fast, using laser attack mach more often as its movement cannot be interrupted by my attacks. 

The same phenomenon appears on other mobs such as Tallbird, MacTusk, No-Eyed-Deer, Ancient Guardian and much more. MacTusks and No-Eyed-Deers will just run away from me instead of being stun-locked, making killing one extremely hard. I may land reduced hits (only 1 with normal attack speed) before dodging Tallbirds' attack. 

The battles are far more boring and hard now. It would be greatly appreciated if this was fixed. Skillful ways against mobs being nerfed only leaves me tanking them, if I try to kite them they will instead kite me. 

Steps to Reproduce


This is how Celestial Champion acts prior to the update.

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