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Ice Box idlesound glitch ?

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It's something I've never paid attention at before so I don't know for how long this have been a thing, but when you look (or hear) closely you will notice that the Ice Box idlesound is acting weird. It seems that only the most recent Ice Box play the ambient sound and the others are muted, or a random one when you re-enter the serve. I think the issue is just the max playback of the sound limited to one.

Is this intentional ? I don't see an exact reason for this limitation unless it's intended to prevent kitchens to be kinda loud, but you should be able to limit the sound played to 1 and still make it switch to other Ice Boxes when someone get close to them.


Yeah I know this is like a very unimportant bug but I just got very surprised :D

Steps to Reproduce

Build an Ice Box, build another one, idlesound is gone on the first one

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