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I was trying to play with friend. his DST closes instantly after startup.

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He doesn't know English very well so here is what he shared with me.

we tried a lot of things. We tried verifying the integrity of the game files, deleting mods, deleting and downloading the game again, etc. I asked whether his Windows 7 and the drivers were up-to-date he said yes. It may have something to do with the end of support for Windows 7. This started about 2-3 days ago. He was able to enter the game successfully with no problems before that and it ran ok as well. But this suddenly happened. 

Here's the client log. It seems ok but it just cuts suddenly in the end.

Steps to Reproduce
I wasn't doing anything unusual when this started. He started telling this suddenly.

User Feedback

Hey, I have the same issue. The game launches as a black screen, then immediately closes. Hope this gets fixed.

There was a similar issue with this years back, if you unsubscribe from all your mods and delete them in your local files, then verify the integrity of the game files, it may work again.

I haven't had luck with it but hope it works for you.

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