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  1. Hey, I have the same issue. The game launches as a black screen, then immediately closes. Hope this gets fixed. There was a similar issue with this years back, if you unsubscribe from all your mods and delete them in your local files, then verify the integrity of the game files, it may work again. I haven't had luck with it but hope it works for you.
  2. Launching the game from steam opens it, shows a black screen, then closes immediately. I've updated my drivers, verified game files, deleted and unsubscribed to all mods, reverified the files after that, restarted steam, uninstalled and reinstalled, and restarted my computer as well. Game was working fine few days ago. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @2.20GHz 2.20GHz 8 gigs ram, 64 bit windows 10 on an msi Please help
  3. In the sinkhole on big bird's island, no light flowers or mushtrees spawned. Everything else is normal. is this normal?
  4. was under the BFB's mouth, it did the pickup motion, but I end up being stunned... forever. I cannot touch my tools altthough I can hover over them. godmode and gonext to the nearest dungbeetle didn't unstun. seemed to be fixed in the recent update but rather just broke it for me hahaha I do have the latest update.