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I was playing WINONA and i cooked up some meatballs. i ate them and LOST SANITY?!?! why does that happen?as far as i know she does not have issues with meat so i don't get why it happens.

no food mads are being used.

Steps to Reproduce

play as WINONA 

make meatballs

eat them

lose around 15-17.5 sanity per meatballs eaten

i don't know if this is relevant BUT i made the meatballs with 1 monster meat and 3 mushrooms. but it did it with any mushrooms/any combo/any order/any color mushroom combo. it just seems to affect meatballs so far as i know. i am limited in the caves since i just got in to them.

it was also an old world and old character but this is a bug that i see VERY OFTEN. like the one where carrots cause WURT sanity issues. i reported that in the past as well.

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