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I got a lot of spool from somewhere

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I bought both the Wigfrid wardrobe and the winged victory set before the 432923 patch, and I remember having somewhere around 1700,1800 spools after I unraveled what I didn't need. Now I went to check out the patch, and I see that I have almost 8000 spools, this may be a bug of some kind? Or just my bad memory. If the latter is the case, sorry Klei, but I felt like I should report this.

Steps to Reproduce

Bought both new Wigfrid chests before the 432923 hotfix.

User Feedback

Not a bug, it's a compensation for buying the winged victory set. They removed the offer and made it so the winged victory wardrobe contains the belongings (marble armor, helmet and spear skin) now.

Anyone who bought the wardrobe before the update got the belongings and anyone who bought the belongings before gets 5000 spools + gets to keep the skins

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