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............. I cant do anything

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I have some mods installed, so I think there is the issue. After about 10 days Ive got connection lost, and when i enter the world, I cant do nothing but I can walk. i cant craft and i have weird status. pls help i cant play...............


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Try removing the mods and see if you can join a world, and submit the crash text as well, it helps the devs a lot

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Assuming it's a server (hosted by you or not, regardless), it sounds like the server itself is not responding to your requests, but since (lag prediction) is probably off, you can still "move". I'm not sure turning off mods will help, you will probably immediately crash.
Please answer the following questions, these should help come to why the game is acting like this.

  • Does your minimap update when you move through unmapped areas?
  • Have you experienced this before?
  • Does this occur in other worlds with these mods?
  • Have you had this before?
  • What mods do you use?

Another note is that the devs are not responsible for fixing mod bugs.

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