I can not play

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Games have worked in the past. Doesn't work now.

Don't Starve Together Screenshot 2021.06.14 -

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start the game

2. An error appears

3. The connection to the account stops.

4. Clicking the mouse anywhere turns off the game.

User Feedback

most likely a client mod doing it 

but if that was the case game itself would simply just disable all the mods so if its about a mod you have a another mod that prevents game from disabling your mods 

go to steam> dst workshop>browse/subscribed items 

and delete the prevent disable mods mod in there it should work 


well if its not the mods 

go to library right click to the game 

properties>local files>verify integrity of game files 

and wait if it doesnt work im sorry i cant do anything else

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