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Homescreen shortcut not working, 64 bit not launching

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Hey Klei,

First off, thank you for creating such an amazing game! #DST4Life

Anyhow, after the waterlogged update my shortcut on my desktop has not worked. When clicked, it brings up a steam window that reads "preparing to launch don't starve together" then disappears and nothing happens.

I went into steam and hit the "play" button which brought up a steam window that said offered two options "play don't starve together" and "play don't starve together (32 bit)". Selecting the first option produces the same outcome as the shortcut issue aforementioned. Selecting the 2nd option does open the game but obviously I would like to experience the 64 bit experience and to have my shortcut start working again.

Please let me what else you need from me, happy to provide you with other information.


Screenshot (70).png

Steps to Reproduce

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Posting a solution here that I found in another thread and worked for me:

Immediate crash when you try to load the x64 bit version of the game.

The issue: Missing x64 bit Microsoft Visual C++ redistributible in: steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\VCRedist

The only one there is the x86 one, and steam doesn't know what to do and crashes. 

This is not caught by the logs in the client_log, and that only shows:

[00:00:01]: Steam doesn't seem to be running. Trying to restart the game via Steam.
[00:00:01]: Error, Steam failed to initialize, result=1...
[00:00:01]: The application will now exit


Solution: Download the latest x64 Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable from Microsofts (here's a quick link to Microsofts official download page).

Long Term Solution: KLEI PROGRAMMERS please add this x64 bit redistributable to the file path so people that don't happen to already have it can run without this problem. (I only had it because I had to reimage my PC recently!!).

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