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  1. @ScottHansen Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify the issue. I cannot launch the 64-bit version. 32-bit works fine, logs are being generated. I believe I am having the same issue with this one Homescreen shortcut not working, 64 bit not launching - Don't Starve Together - Klei Entertainment Forums Right click steam from system tray > launch down starve together -> will not work because I believe 64 bit is the default You can only run DST if you open steam>library>play>select 32 bit version I did turn off the ransomware in the windows settings before posting the issue. I also turned off the Virus Protection and problem still persists. @ScottHansen I did found the issue. Today my PC got updated to Windows 11. I just download the NVDIA Experience App and saw that there is a newer version of the Driver. I run the game from Nvidia's Games & Apps tab. DST 64 is now starting. I guess the issue is the OS/Driver update. Thanks for giving the link I realized my GPU driver must be compatible to win 11. Thank you!
  2. Game wont launch if 64 bit is selected. 32 Bit is working fine. I have a ryzen 5 2600 and a GTX 1650 , 16gb ram and 64 bit win 10 OS. I'm definitely sure it isn't about my hardware. I tried to uninstall both steam and the game. The problem still persists. The client_log.txt is not being updated when launching the 64 Bit version