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Hiding Klei Folder Breaks Game

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Hiding the "Klei" folder in "My Documents" causes a catastrophic failure in Don't Starve Together locally and silently breaks the game. Can still host games fine but what you see when you load in will be different from what your friends see. Seemingly random textures will appear throughout the map for you or the game hangs forever on map load if you have any mod enabled on the server. Took me a long time to figure out what the problem was because I assumed it was mod related. I imagine some users hide this folder like me because they don't like a lot of random odds and ends in their My Documents folder. Never thought it would cause any problems though.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Hide "Klei" Folder and all children in "My Documents". 2. Start and host a game. 3. Good luck finding out what's wrong.

User Feedback


Just hiding "Klei"? Or all of its children?

I tried but no wrongs found.

Hiding "Klei" and all of it's children. I was able to reproduce this on two machines.

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