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Help! I cannot load DST at all!

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So I reset my computer recently and had saved my past files in case of them getting deleted when I logged back onto steam and redownloaded everything. Whenever I hit "Play" it does this:  

Steps to Reproduce

I might of deleted a version of Visual studio that messed everything up I run a windows 10 computer and need to fix the constant crashing I cannot even load up the game. 

User Feedback

12 hours ago, JesseB_Klei said:

The game cannot find a core audio file in the assets to load. Please verify the integrity of the game you can find steps to do that in this help article https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029555352-DST-Is-Crashing-DST-Won-t-Start and then look at the other possible reasons in the help document if it does not load after verifying.

Fixed it by reinstalling steam entirely!

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