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Getting a "Dedicated Server Failed To Start" Error Message

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I have just started to play recently and I have enjoyed playing with mods. Can you check which mod is affecting me to create a new world? I can play the first world I created but after adding three to four new mods it keeps on getting the error message.


Attached is the client log. MDMP file is nowhere to be found.


Steps to Reproduce

The following server mods were enabled when I could  still create a world

epic health bar

extra equip slots

increased stack size

infinite tent

pyramid head


All the client mods were enables before the error. The rest not mentioned above mods are new and maybe the cause of the error.

The mods below I have subscribed and enabled when the error occurred:

Display attack range

Gordon Ramsay

Health info


smart minisign

tutorial mods

User Feedback

i had a similar Problem earlier today, but it turned out to be the new Update to AVG Antivirus that got an big update yesterday that blocked the game from generating a new world.

so if you are using AVG Antivirus be sure to add an exception fore "don't starve together" in the folder you have the game installed.

hope it is of any help.

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