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Generating World Crashes

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Whenever I am generating a world with mods, its stuck on the generating and loading server screen.

If I generate a world without mods, it crashes and exits the game. 

I tried to restart both steam and the game but still running into the same issue. 

Steps to Reproduce

Host Game > New World > Generate

User Feedback

For now, please remove all of the mods from your game. If the crash continues to happen after that, do the steps below:

Delete all mod files from your Steam folder for Don't Starve Together. Once all mod files have been deleted from your Steam folder for the game, unsubscribe all of your Don't Starve Together mods from the Steam Workshop. This will ensure that any mods that may have been causing issues or conflicts with the game are not re-installed to your computer. From there, try launching the game and generate a new game world to see if that resolves the issue. 

Should the issue be resolved, resubscribe to your mods one at a time to see if one of these were causing a conflict with the worldgen.

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