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Game world lost after power outage

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I have a long living world (500+ days) that I love to play with my friends, Yesterday, exactly when I was hosting it, my PC suddenly turned off due to power outage. After all came to normal I've tried to host it again but now it looks like a brand new ("A Whole New World" instead of "541 days") and when I try to resume - game simply generates a new world.

Also I've searched this forum and my problem looks very similar to this: Game removed my world. So I've tried the solution from ScottHansen post and it was somewhat successful - main world was restored but caves are brand new, and all players data is lost. What else can I do to restore it?


Steps to Reproduce

Try to load game from Cluster_5 folder (attached) that is saved exactly after power outage, before trying to resume world from it. I've also had a whole DoNotStarveTogether folder saved if a single world folder won't be enough.


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