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Game takes way more RAM than usual

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After the recent patch / small update, I notice
- It takes longer to load into world ( stuck at vignette longer because the RAM is slowly filling up )
- RAM goes up to 90%
I tried reinstall the game but didn't fix the problem
I tried turning texture streaming on and everything is fine again except with this option on, my game isn't as smooth as before
How can I fix this ?



Steps to Reproduce

- Create a vanilla world with no servers or client mods enabled
- Turning texture streaming ON and compares RAM usage with Turning texture streaming OFF 

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User Feedback

I have the same problem, I have 6gb of ram and it is using 85%. I just start the world, nothing happens and it is at 85%.

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I didn't notice the RAM usage before, but the slow loading happened only after a small update even for newly created world. Texture streaming ON causing little stuttering for me so live with it I guess .-.
Also one more weird thing, using windows 10 past ver.1709 cause my game to use like a lot of GPU and fps drop from 60 to 50. No idea how stuff works :|

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Texture streaming was added to reduce the memory used by the game and is highly recommended to be left on. As more content is added and the resolution of items is increased, it is not expected that systems with lower memory or running 32-bit will be able to play without it on. 

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