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Game is laggy when caves are enabled

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Whenever I create a server that has caves enabled, my character and other entities present with very laggy movement.
It happens while I'm playing completly alone, hosting my own world through the game.

Internet connection is fine.
PC Specs are also way above the minimum requirements

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Its problay about your CPU i have the same problem but fixed a few days ago. 

Go to game starting options on steam and type this -tick 60 it will remove your lag (almost) 

But your character texture may twitching when moving. its worth to try

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My CPU is a Ryzen 3700X
I used to have an I5 4670k, and this problem wasn't happening back then.
That "twitching" was, in fact, the lag I was referring to. I should've phrased it that way.  
I tried different tick rate settings (15,30,60, default). The problem is still present with all of them.

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