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Game crashing due to incomplete experiment

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I was planning to kill the CC 10 times and after the third one my game crashed

I defeated the third one and was getting the items ready to set up the forth while wagstaff was collecting the CC's energy (that new animation)

I then grabbed the restrained static + moongleam + doodad, and when i clicked to craft the struture incomplete experiment (using fast craft pin page) my game crashed.

when i reenter the map it opened exactly where i was when i crashed and i didnt' lose any progress, as it was a "save and quit". 

Not only that, after the forth defeated CC, wagstaff's animation was much faster than the previous 3 ones (which i liked).

Yes i was using mods, but most of them are visual, like epic/simple health bar and wormhole marks, tweaks to stacks and auto stack and add a slot for Backpack and Insight.


PS: it was raining.

Ps: In the .txt file I edited (what i think) the part of the crash, the very end(a bit before), cause the file was long (if needed i can send the whole file)


Steps to Reproduce

its raining.

Defeat the CC

Wait for Wagstaff to start animation (maybe by right after he finishes?!)

Grab the items needed to craft the incomplete experiment

Craft it

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