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Game crashes upon startup, after black screen

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I just got the game as a gift on steam, and it does not launch correctly. The application loads in windowed mode and is only a black screen with no sound, and it crashes 2-5 seconds later. I have verified integrity of game files, un installed and reinstalled, checked VCRedist and DXRedist, nothing works. I have tried multiple versions of my graphics drivers to no avail, and have closed any and all possible interfering software. Attached is my client log if it helps in any way, thanks

Steps to Reproduce

1. Be on my pc

2. Launch game

3. Cry and search for possible answers to the issue

User Feedback

Checking your log file, it looks like you are currently running the game using a Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU. It may be that some AMD optimization features are conflicting with the game's initial startup process. Could we get you to try the following: 

> Go into your AMD Radeon settings, and disable all of AMD graphics optimization features for Don't Starve Together to see if that makes a difference when your GPU tries to launch or render the game. It may be that some of the built-in Radeon graphics optimization features on the AMD graphics settings is conflicts with the game's processes. More info on Radeon Settings screen/options here: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh-012 

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