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Game crashes after few minutes when mods are installed.

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Wehen I play with mods my game keeps crashing and whenever the host of the game is not my friend. Even I can't hos the game. I'm using the same I use the same mods as my friend and he has no such problems. I tried to fix this error by reinstalling the game, verifying the integrity of the game files, deleting mod folders and unsubscribing them. I couldn't find the MDMP file.


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The problem arises when I play with a friend other than 宇宙(https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198260445790). I have downloaded these mods: Geometric Placement, Combined Status, Minimap HUD, Smarter Crock Pot, Extra Equip Slots, [DST] Monster Healthbars, DST Where's My Beefalo?, Global Positions, Global Pause, [API] Gem Core, Zoom+, Smart Minisign, Item Info, Wormhole Icons [Fixed], [DST Nightmare Hud, No Thermal Stone Durability, Display Attack Range, Quick Pick, Finder Redux, [DST]HD Item Icons - Shang. After a few days in the game, the game freezes, but my friends can keep playing until I turned it off, and when I try to start a world where something like this happened, the game shows an error "Out of Memory".

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