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Game crash when entering Oasis during sandstorm

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The game seems to crash whenever I enter the Oasis during summer/ sandstorm. This is a world created post patch at day 300. I am playing on Playstation 4. This bug is happening after the new QOL October patch.

Steps to Reproduce

Travel to Oasis desert during summer. Enter the area. Game proceeds to freeze and crash. 

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User Feedback

(PS4) Same! I wasn't sure if it was due to the recent patch or simply because it was summer. I notice that I can't actually see a sandstorm which should be there during summer. As soon as I cross into the Oasis Desert tiles I crash. Really upsetting because I was looking forward to making an Oasis base during the summer. In my situation the Oasis itself is bordering on the adjacent forest biome which is really sweet.

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Walk onto oasis, game crashes every time. Its summer and there is no sandstorm. I was at the oasis in the spring before and it was fine. It seems to be since the qol update but it could also be just an issue in summer. When will this be fixed? Xbox one. 

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