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Game closing itself without crash screen after 2 in-game days

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I am writing because my friend experiences this problem since 17.05.2022. We play usually on mods, it was the first time in history that he experienced such issue. He log onto my freshly made world and after 2 days game closed itself without a crash screen. Upon joining for the next time to the same world after 2-4 seconds he experienced the same problem. We created new world without mods and after 2 days still the problem persisted, the game closed itself and then after joining it would close itself once again after 2-4 seconds. He created single world in DST to check how would it work there, still same problem. Client mods were disabled as well. I could not find MDMP file in DST folders.

Steps to Reproduce

Open the world, have your friend join it. Play normally, so just walk and take sticks, grass, berries. Explore map. After 2 days pass your game should close itself and if you join once again it should after 2-4 seconds close itself again and over and over again if you do the same process. 

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User Feedback

I am having the same problem.
I have updated my drivers, I have reinstalled the game, I have changed settings to lower FPS etc etc.

Nothing has worked

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