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  1. THE MODS BEING ENABLED (USED IN ACTUAL GAMEPLAY) [API] Gem Core Battle Horn Beefalo Status Bar Bee Nice Crow’s Nest Detailed Tooltips Divining Rod X DjPaul’s Sort Inventory Don’t Drop Everything DST PickyPickyPicky Epic Healthbar Extra Equip Slots Faster Chopping Global Pause Global Positions Health info Large boats Less Annoying Meteors Moving Box New Old Bell PartyHUD Quick Drop Refillable Bucket Renewable Graves Repair Combine Running Mod Show Me (Origin) Wormhole Marks Beefalo Milk THE MODS BEING DISABLED, BUT SUBSCRIBED TO: Asriel Dreemurr Basements Don’t Starve Alone DST Abigail Call DST Fish Farm Fast Travel Future Flingomatic Ice Maker 3000 Leisurely Peasants Less Placement Blocking Loot Pump More actions New boat shapes Ocean Currents Plantidote tm Quick Work (Updated) Rail Cart Retrieve Items from The Ocean Rope Bridge Seafaring and Else Shipwrecked Characters Stumps Grow Sweet House Uncompromising mod
  2. It seems we have sort of similar problem
  3. I am writing because my friend experiences this problem since 17.05.2022. We play usually on mods, it was the first time in history that he experienced such issue. He log onto my freshly made world and after 2 days game closed itself without a crash screen. Upon joining for the next time to the same world after 2-4 seconds he experienced the same problem. We created new world without mods and after 2 days still the problem persisted, the game closed itself and then after joining it would close itself once again after 2-4 seconds. He created single world in DST to check how would it work there, still same problem. Client mods were disabled as well. I could not find MDMP file in DST folders.
  4. Hello, this is the first post on the forum that I make. I coludn't find a forum specific for bugs (only something called a bug tracker, however, for some reason it wasn't accessible). If you need any files (I am not really an expert in bug troubleshooting and I don't really know what to send) please let me know. Forgive me if i have skipped some toutorial for making such a type of a post - I couldn't find anything :(. I am writing this post for my friend who has been experiencing this trouble for 4 real world days. After joining my modded server ( the mods stayed the same since the last time we played - the last time we played was approximately 4 months ago or something like that) he could normally choose his character (Wendy) and play BUT after 2 in-game days his game just closed out. No error or crash screen like it usually happens when a mod is causing a trouble. He tried to fix it by checking the integrity of the files but everything was fine. He started the game with no other apps running (only DST and Steam was on). Problem still persisted. He tried to play single with no mods completely ( they weren't unsubscribed nor deleted - only disabled for this specific word) still the problem persisted. I tried to look it up on the forums, youtube and reddit but no sign of anyone experiencing such issues. Could you please help me with solving it? Thanks in advance Dzamban