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Freezing Crab King Triggers Geyser Attack [Patch 406832]

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Patch 406832 fixed the issue of: Freezing Crab King doesn’t trigger freeze attack

We still face this issue with the geyser spell.

If Crab King is attacked the same frame he is frozen, the spell instantly triggers.

Kinda kills coordinate group fights against Crab King :'(

Here's an example in slow-motion this time with Shadow Duelists, who are my substitutes for IRL friends. (I don't believe the Crab Claws play a role in this...maybe).

Voila :<

If you really want to, use a bunch of bunnymen to reproduce this a lot faster. Its the same result as playing with friends who attacking it a lot.

Steps to Reproduce

Attack Crab King the same frame he is frozen when doing a sinking spell. Spell kicks off, even though he was frozen well in advance.

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