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Freeze Bee Queen permanently with Dwarf Star, Ice Flingomatics and Pigmen

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Here is a video about fighting with the Bee Queen with a freezing trap.



Player can freeze the Bee Queen permanently, and beat her like beating a Butterfly.

This freezing trap cost 1 Dwarf Star, 3 Ice Flingomatics, several Pigmen and Stone Walls. And only one Ham Bat is needed for each fighting.

The video uploader "诗皖丶" asked me to report this "BUG". He thinks this freezing trap is too powerful, making the boss fight easy and boring.


Two Existing facts:

A: A simple freezing trap in DST made by a Dwarf Star and a Ice Flingomatic can freeze mods like a Limpet Rock trap did in SW.

B: Flying boss like Dragonfly and Bee Queen can fly across walls, but be blocked by Pigmen. Player can make a Pigmen-Wall sandwich to block this kind of boss.

It seems the new freezing trap for Bee Queen is a conbination of A and B.

Steps to Reproduce
see above video

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