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[FIXED] Action Key automatically picking up spiders with loot

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I’ve only played Webber again recently (as of May 6, 2022) so I can’t confirm if this already existed before the latest hotfix. :(

Prior to this update, I recall befriended spiders could only be picked up via RMB/right click - but now holding the Action key will include the spiders alongside other loot, making it pretty inefficient to pick up dropped items during initiated spider wars. 

So far my only workaround for this issue has been using the ActionQueue mod to highlight the loot because for some reason, the befriended spiders aren’t selectable through the mod. However I constantly have to re-highlight the items every time they’re dropped. 

(Also sorry for the lengthy steps test log! I tried to keep it as concise as I can with enough details to give better context… so I thank any dev who reads this in advance! :tranquillity:)

UPDATE (5/13/2022): I tested this issue on PC and picking up spiders is no longer tied to holding the Action key. :)

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to repeat:

1. Host and load a world.

2. Play as Webber and either locate a few spider dens or spawn them via console command.

(Advise to do this in an area that isn’t surrounded by things like twig saplings/flowers/mushrooms to make the loot pick up testing efficient)

3. Befriend a spider and initiate a spider war by targeting an unbefriended spider and cancelling the action before Webber reaches the spider’s hitbox.

(This step will be done correctly if the befriended spiders start fighting and the unfriended spiders don’t aggro Webber)

4. Wait for some spiders to start dying and then hold the Action key.

Expected Results: Webber should only pick up loot like Monster Meat, Silk, and Glands (etc)

Actual Results: Webber picks up befriended spiders as well as the Monster Meat, Silk, and Glands.

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