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  1. I’ve only played Webber again recently (as of May 6, 2022) so I can’t confirm if this already existed before the latest hotfix. Prior to this update, I recall befriended spiders could only be picked up via RMB/right click - but now holding the Action key will include the spiders alongside other loot, making it pretty inefficient to pick up dropped items during initiated spider wars. So far my only workaround for this issue has been using the ActionQueue mod to highlight the loot because for some reason, the befriended spiders aren’t selectable through the mod. However I constantly have to re-highlight the items every time they’re dropped. (Also sorry for the lengthy steps test log! I tried to keep it as concise as I can with enough details to give better context… so I thank any dev who reads this in advance! ) UPDATE (5/13/2022): I tested this issue on PC and picking up spiders is no longer tied to holding the Action key.
  2. Yep! We can get into the game but only in Offline mode. As of right now we can only play in Offline mode and the only co-op option available is for local play until Joe can announce when the online servers are up.
  3. Thanks! It's definitely ambitious for my first character mod, but I'm pretty happy I was able to get the major perks to work. Also, the new dialogue code worked! I wasn't aware we could add another OnNewSpawn function. Thank you so much!! I'll definitely be adding your help to the list of credits when I compile all my assets for my eventual Mod Project thread.
  4. My original inst.OnNewSpawn was "onbecomehuman" and I tried placing the code there too...no luck I don't think I can add another inst.OnNewSpawn without creating another issue though. Thank you for the response anyways! I'll just be moving this talker problem lower on my priority list for now - might just need to put a disclaimer somewhere that the character will load in with blinding light.
  5. Thank you for the clarification!! Okay so I've added in the inst:DoTaskInTime, but the talker component still doesn't trigger when the character is spawned in for the first time. But it does work when reloading from a saved state though. Any ideas?
  6. @Thomas Die Sorry for the ping! A little update since I did more testing. The first issue was resolved but after some more testing today, it brought on another. My talker components aren't triggering onload, so I tried figuring it out on my own by adding a DoTaskInTime function like this: DoTaskInTime(0, function(inst) inst.components.talker:Say("It's too bright out! Where are my glasses?!") end) but I kept getting an error saying: variable 'DoTaskInTime' is not declared. I'm currently surfing through the Tutorials guide for how to use DoTaskInTime but I'm not having luck since the thread either doesn't specify how to use it or the thread was archived...
  7. I don't have the ability to change my thread title to solved yet, but if any mods see this, please change [HELP] to [SOLVED]! Thank you! Never mind, looks like I just needed to edit the first post.
  8. It worked!! Of course the solution would be the one of the many functions I understand the least lol Thank you so much @Thomas Die!!
  9. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/70107-how-to-open-dyn-files/ Based off of this thread it seems like we're discouraged to open/use DYN files buuut the only files I saw for Woolly Chester was under: data/anim/dynamic/chester_lamb.dyn There was also one under: data/databundles/anim_dynamic.zip/anim/dynamic/chester_lamb.zip I took a quick look since I had Notepad++ up, but sorry I can't help any more than this!
  10. Hullo everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums despite reading a ton of threads, so please forgive my formatting if it's still a little rough! To cut to the chase, I'm creating a moleworm character that has a custom pair of sunglasses that negates his molevision. I have this code that functions as it should with the Equip/UnEquip listed under the spoiler. The image examples of what's happening in-game under this spoiler: So far I've tried adding the "WatchWorld/Listen" events in the common_postinit, the master_postinit, as well as in the onload function. I was thinking my next option would be having it save the equipment data...so I tried this: So at this point I've reached the extent of my noob LUA knowledge... I'm mainly an artist and this is my very first character mod project! My understanding of LUA is literally the age of this project at 2 weeks lol. I'm still growing and my codes could probably be written waaaay more efficiently, but I'm getting there! Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!