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Ewecus not spawnig

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So my gf and I are looking to

get a brush for beefelo domestication and we are having a really tough time finding ewecus. We have spent the last 4 seasons constantly searching and following suspicious piles of dirt and so far we must have spawned around 15 koelefants in the last 4 seasons with no varg or ewecus. The wiki says theres a 33% chance of spawning varg/ewecus so to go through 15 koelefants and not get either seems very ulinkely.

I just want to know fron the devs if this is normal? Is the spawn rate of ewecus just much lower than 17%? Or is this a bug in our world?

im just not sure if its worth wasting more time trying to spawn him. If i know its not a bug and we can still spawn him i wont mind to keep trying but i dont want to waste more time if this is a bug. We are on ps4 and on day 550 with all settings set to default except world size on big

Steps to Reproduce
Follow any and all suspicious piles of dirt

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