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  1. I normally play with my wife on split screen. once we get a decent game going, 500+ days, the game starts crashing and then the file corrupts. we lost a couple games before the patch. currently I'm on day 870 and we are getting constant crashes, we had to restore a few times, but mainly the game wont start. when its loading server is when we usually get the crashes, and sometimes in normal gameplay, and others if we roll back. I'm of the opinion it's a bug connected with rollback, but that's just my guess. please let me know how we can get it smoother.
  2. dude i have a koalaphant zoo. more than twenty, and we just found our first varg. not lucky.
  3. I'm on PS4 day 870 and now my game is crashing nearly constantly. it happened with my original game and the file was corrupted and lost. this is post patch and have restored my save data a few times. really want to continue my game. please advise.