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Entering cave world in any server causes game to disconnect

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Hi there,

When I try to enter cave worlds in any server (even official ones) I get disconnected from server and after this disconnect I can not enter the server anymore. Here is the related log :


[00:37:43]: [Connect] Sending ping(s)...
[00:37:43]: [Connect] DirectConnect Ping|11400
[00:37:43]: [Connect] Ping response from|11400
[00:37:43]: [Connect] Joining server from ping response (silent)...
[00:37:43]: [Connect] PendingConnectionDoConnect to|11400
[00:37:43]: [Connect] DirectConnect to|11400
[00:37:44]: Connection accepted to|11400 <*>
[00:37:44]: Network external address discovered: *|47616
[00:37:44]: SendClientHandShakePacket to <*>
[00:37:45]: Downloaded server listings - chunk 2 (Sing): 8155 filtered completed: 8212
[00:37:45]: DeserializeHandShakeServerListing
[00:37:45]: Network tick rate: U=10(3), D=15
[00:37:45]: Platform: 1
[00:37:45]: Version: 467172
[00:37:45]: [Steam] Game Connection initiated
[00:37:46]: SendClientInventoryHandShakePacket to <*>
[00:37:47]: [Shard] Starting connection to destination server...
[00:37:47]: [Shard] Getting info of destination server...
[00:37:49]: focus gained
[00:37:52]: focus lost
[00:37:55]: Connection lost to|11400 <*>
[00:37:58]: focus gained
[00:38:03]: focus lost
[00:38:22]: CURL ERROR: ( Operation timed out after 40000 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received
[00:38:22]: Failed to retrieve server listings
[00:38:48]: CURL ERROR: ( Operation timed out after 60001 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received
[00:38:48]: [Shard] OnDestinationInfoResponse Connecting to master=(N)
[00:38:48]: [Shard] Error requesting destination server info failed, .
[00:38:48]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true)
[00:38:48]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_DST_DESTINATION_SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE", reset: true

This seems to be similar to this problem :

This problem occurred after Jun 4 update on steam

Steps to Reproduce

After Jun 4 update this happens in any server

Tested on both Manjaro (client) and Ubuntu 20.04 (client)

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User Feedback

Upvote, I have the same problem. Today, Klei official server. Trying to enter any cave sinkhole results in game not responding (black screen, loading screen doesn't show). Had to disconnect and re-enter, and trying again gave the same result.

(Arch Linux, latest patches)

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