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Enlightment crown display bug

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Hi there! 

For a while now, everytime I or any other player enters the server or the caves (or leaves the caves and enters the forest world), the enlightment crown inventory is open by default. I think it should be closed by default and opens only when requested. And since we use the compact HUD, it overlaps both inventories and makes the last slot of the crown insivible. We play the PC version, but with controllers. One of us uses a MacBook Pro with BigSur and the other a custom PC with Windows 11 and its happens in both OS. Is it on purpose or an unreported bug? 

Thanks in advance!

Steps to Reproduce

Entering the server with the enlightment crown equiped, with compact HUD.

Entering the caves with the enlightment crown equiped, with compact HUD.

Leaving the caves and entering in the forest world, with compact HUD.

User Feedback

This is sadly intentional. If you'd like to see it changed, I would suggest making your voice heard on this suggestion thread: 


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