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Effect of Warly's temperature dishes (hot dragon chili salad, asparagazpacho) can terminate too early

Pig Princess
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If character eats hot dragon chili salad or asparagazpacho, one gains 5 minutes of continuous temperature effect. Normally. But if one eats any dish that also has temperature effect during those minutes (honey ham, heavengly eggnog, hot cocoa), no matter how short it is new effect replaces old, i.e. essentially deletes it. That means that consuming honey ham, for example (10s of effect), would delete effect of previously consumed temperature dish even if there was plenty of time left of such effect.

This is especially detrimental to Warly of all characters, because unlike other characters without dish memory and default hunger drain, Warly can't just eat hot dragon chili salad to essentially sustain himself while also managing temperature (or at least essentially cut in half hunger needs while eating asparagazpacho). That means that other characters rarely have to eat anything while relying on temperature dishes for managing weather, however, Warly would need to consume dishes for hunger, and should those dishes have minimal temperature effect, described above situation will occur. Moreover, after consuming 2nd and further portions of temperature dish (if one relies on dish for temperature management that will happen) one would gain repeated dish penalty for temperature dish for no reason (in addition to wasting expensive temperature dish), so even "weaving" hunger points of temperature dish into normal 180+ cycle breaks a lot this cycle.

Mentioned above things essentially make Warly worse user of his own dishes than any other character, which feels unfair.

I think it should work in following way: effects should be stackable, not replaceable, so once shorter effect ends other effect that lasts longer should be resumed.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Join world during harsh season (summer or winter), preferably in the middle of it so world's temperature is beyond 0 or above 70°.

2. Eat dish that helps with temperature management in current season (hot dragon chili salad for winter, asparagazpacho for summer).

Notice that character stops taking temperature damage.

3. Eat any dish with minimal temperature effect that is otherwise unnoticeable: honey ham, kabobs, ice cream, some Winter's Feast foods (heavenly eggnog, apple cider, hot cocoa).

Notice that character starts to take weather damage shortly after that even though there was plenty of time left of hot dragon chili salad/asparagazpacho protection.

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