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Eating raw meat as webber doesn't damage his sanity.

Une chevre
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Since the Webber rework update, Webber does not lose sanity when eating raw meat (raw morsel, raw batilisk wing, ...).

This change wasn't listed in the "Game Update" page and it is still impossible to feed another Webber raw meat beside having no downsides which makes me believe this a bug.

Steps to Reproduce

Eating uncoocked meat, morsel, frogs legs, drumstick and naked nostrils as Webber.

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User Feedback

This is intended, they changed it in one of the recent hotfixes.

Maybe being unable to force feed a Webber with raw meat could be considered a bug though?

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I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting such a big change not being listed on the main update page.

The impossibity to feed Webber raw meat might be an oversight then.

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