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Duplicating Scales Via Scaled Flooring (Exploit)

  • Known Issue

If you craft scaled flooring, it makes 6 scaled turf, and then you can use a deconstruction staff on it to get basically infinite scales if you just keep using scales to re-craft it.

Steps to Reproduce
Craft Scaled Flooring Place Scaled Flooring on ground Use Deconstruction staff on it

User Feedback

There's a few other items that work like this. Thulecite, scales from both the dragonfly and toadstool have been being duped for quite awhile. It costs a green gem in order to dupe, which requires that you've gotten a gem from either the ruins or dragonfly, and that you've run ruins to craft the deconstruction staff. I don't know what you'd do to resolve item duping, what else would happen upon deconstructing scaled flooring?

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