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DST crashes without warning when playing on normal worlds

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For the past few years I've had this game on this computer, it's never given me problems with this game but until a few weeks ago, the game crashes and closes immediately without warning when I try to play on normal worlds without generation mods like Island Adventures/etc. yet I can play perfectly fine on Island Adventures. I feel like the game is having trouble loading something when I get too close or when I explore too much of the map? It's never done this before and I've tried everything like updating my drivers and graphics cards, removing certain mods that might be problematic, etc. but nothing seems to be working. I can only play a few days if not one day and then the game shuts off on me. When I try to load back into the world or server I just can't and the game crashes again. Anyone know how to fix this?

Steps to Reproduce

Create a new world with a few basic mods, join in, play for a bit and suddenly it closes on me. No warnings pop up or crash reports, nothing.

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