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DST consistently crashing with 1+ friends

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It was working fine last time we played (maybe right before/after the QoL update?) but now whenever anyone tries to join my game, they randomly disconnect a few seconds/minutes after. We are using several mods but they're all up to date. We also started a new game to briefly test if that would resolve it...and it appeared to...but we don't really want to abandon the world (especially without knowing what the problem is).

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure, honestly. It didn't seem to be an action that triggered it, the people joining the server would just randomly get booted after a few seconds/minutes, and it wasn't our internet connection.

User Feedback

They weren't crashing to desktop (what the most recent hotfix seems to address), just being booted from the game. I will keep an eye on it for next time we play and come back here if it persists. Thanks.

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