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Drowned after being thrown off beefalo while it was jumping from land to boat

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It has happened to me twice. It's very common when beefs are suddenly in heat and the riding time is reduced drastically.

It was very unlucky obviously, but I got thrown off and drown. What's more interesting is that I got drowned again right after I got back to land maybe because the beef pushed me back into water? I am not sure.

But it was very annoying that it cost me 2 black bars in my health bar. I think it's not a rare bug. What's worse is that now the beefalo is walking on water and you are forbidden to ride it unless you wanna drown again.

Steps to Reproduce

Ride a new beef in spring, and jump between land and boat. Eventually, you will be thrown off into water and drowned. This can reliably reproduce my problem.

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