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Dragonfly's hatred is easily to lose than before

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When I used Wes and battle beefalo fo fight with dragonfly, I found it's hatred is very easily to lose. 

I did not use any server mod and just few of but common client mods, even I turn off all the mod, this bug is still exsit.

I think maybe it is relevant to BATTLE TIME, because when I used someone with higher atk or buffed food, the battle is going to be normal. 

I am very sure I was not far away from DF's spawn place, you can look the images, the battle field was very closed to the spawn.



Steps to Reproduce

1. ride a battle beefalo.

2. do not eat any hot seasoned food and volt jelly, make sure the atk is just be normal.

User Feedback

不是骑牛的问题 我用旺达打龙蝇到半血的时候 暴怒了 我靠着加速绕着岩浆池跑 然后她直接在岩浆池旁边飞走了

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