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Dragonfly doesnt respawn after 20 days

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After killing dragonfly she doesnt respawn near lava pools even after 30 days, its day 666 and i killed her many times without problem, i play as Wigfrid and after last dragonfly kill i switch to Wolfgang via celestial portal to kill shadow pieces and after that dragonfly should have spawned, but i go there and there is nothing for many days. Is this a thing because i used celestial portal? Does it reset boss respawn timers or not and if not what is then problem with my dragonfly?

Steps to Reproduce

It happened only now, not before so i am not sure what is the cause. I am thinking that timer reset after i change caracter via celestial portal

User Feedback

Have you tried verifying the integrity of your game files? If you're running any server side mods, can you disable them and try to see if she's underneath?

That's the best I can think of, since portal swapping doesn't affect the respawn timers of bosses.

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