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Double sanity drain with normal characters in Multiplayer

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Whenever I start up a world with one of my friends, I seem to have a double drain of sanity till the fourth day or so further onward. It really devastates game-play for me and my friend, because it seems that it is only affecting me solely.

Steps to Reproduce
I am not sure how this bug may have happened whatsoever, if I knew I would have seen if I could find it in the log files, but nothing bad is appearing.

User Feedback

Hello @Blizi, welcome to the forums. There's a few questions I think you should cross off first:

  • Are you playing mod characters?
  • Does it also happen when you are playing with default characters (like Wilson, Willow, Wendy etc.)?
  • Is the server modded? If yes, what mods are your running?
  • Does it also happen when you play as client on somebody else's server?

I'd recommend for you to verify the integrity of the game cache, wouldn't hurt.

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No modded characters used, yes it happens to them a lot.

Server is not modded

It solely happens on any server that is not my own, on modded ones the sanity drain isn't there. When there is no mods on any server besides mine, sanity spikes down hard, I could enter full insanity by dusk.

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