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Don't Starve won't launch

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As per the title, if I try to run either don't starve or don't starve together, I get a black screen then the message "dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped running."   I've tried reinstalling the DXredist and VXredist files with no joy.    I have also validated the integrity of the local files.   Previously (last year or so?) it worked fine.

I am running an Nvidia GTX960 with the latest drivers on Windows 7.

I own Don't starve, Reign of Giants, and Don't Starve Together beta, all through Steam.



Steps to Reproduce
There's nothing to reproduce, the game simply won't launch.

User Feedback

Hello @GazTheLegend, welcome to the forums. Since verifying the integrity of the game cache doesn't work, maybe you could try and delete the settings.ini and client.ini in \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether. If that doesn't work either, a full reinstall of the game should fix things. Hopefully.

Report back if it works or not, cheers.

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I tried, and it didn't work, thanks for responding @Zilvyr


Don't Starve is apparently not the only game affected.  It seems to be that many of my 'older' Steam games (Don't Starve, Batman Arkham City, Dirt 3, X3:Albion Prelude etc) will not launch any longer.  I am not really sure what that could even be.  As I said, I updated my graphics card drivers, and a lot of these games seem to have alternate ways of installing, like old windows live (yuck) stuff, or alternate graphics engine stuff (PhysX).  The thing with that is, that Don't Starve DOESN'T have any of this so I am extremely confused.


I've not reinstalled any of these games, nor Don't Starve, and have no intention to do so as I am not really that concerned, but the underlying issue is something that I'd like to figure out.  I've also not updated to Windows 10 as of yet - again, don't really want to run the risk of incompatible stuff, and I need a lot of things on my computer to be 100% working all the time.

So it's likely a Steam issue as opposed to a Don't Starve issue, and I'm not really sure what to do about that.

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