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Deer Wortox's missing Skull

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Something has always felt really off about this skin, as despite it being my favorite something felt missing.
I finally realized it was his skull. The entire back portion of his skull is missing from the back and side views making for an incomplete feeling general shape.
There's a strong cheek/skull shape in his normal view, but it's very pronounced in his Gargoyle skin too.

However this entire half backside is missing in the Deerskin.
If you were to line up the back half of the skull with the head hair/tuft, a part should still be showing unobstructed in the side view.
This is also noticeable in the back view, I've lined the two up for example here.

Steps to Reproduce

Compare Wortox's head/skull shape in the Deer and default/Gargoyle skins.

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