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Crash with seemingly random causes displayed in client_log.txt

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I was playing on my local dedicated server normally when this crash happened. Only the game crashes; the server remains intact. Rolling-back does nothing. It appears that everytime Client_log.txt would record different error messages unrelated with each other. Latest error message presented:

[00:01:28]: [workshop-2189004162 (Insight)]:	Initializers complete!	
[00:01:29]: ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on anim/evergreen_new.zip:evergreen_new--atlas-0.tex. glGetError returned 0x505
[00:01:29]: 2048x2048 format: 0x83f3 mips: 12
[00:01:31]: APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/donotstarvetogether_client.dmp written.
[00:01:31]: ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on anim/swap_chesspiece_twinsofterror_marble.zip:swap_chesspiece_twinsofterror_marble--atlas-0.tex. glGetError returned 0x505
[00:01:31]: 2048x2048 format: 0x83f3 mips: 12


client_log.txt server_log(Caves).txt server_log(Master).txt


Steps to Reproduce

Unknown. The only thing I know is that I've been playing flawlessly for a few hours, travelling through different parts of Forest and Caves. The last thing I've done is that I returned to Forest with wanda's Backtrek watch at the first day of Summer and shut down the server, rebooted the server through Host Game to disable Winter's Feast and shut it down again. When I rebooted the server as a dedicated server and logged in, the crash happens. :( I attached the latest copy of my server below.


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User Feedback


I recommend using separate folders for your clusters on Dedicated and client hosted games (which is basically the same thing since the server launches anyway), but if you try to disable one thing or the other in the world and the data from older save into the server and, I guess because of mismatching settings (didn’t actually launched GUI servers (from DST, not dedicated server) for literally years) it crashes. As Hank from Detroit: Become Human would’ve said: “That’s just a fancy way of saying you have no ******* clue.”

In this case I’d regenerate the world (Ik it’s hard to do, but that’s a worthy sacrifice). I hope I helped you with the issue.

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