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Crash on various nil entities inside pirate stash when dug

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Crash on palmcone scales and bananas inside Pirate Stash. Confused, because this problem for these items (the bananas) was supposed to be fixed, and I wouldn't personally know why palmcone scales would have an issue, as they're stackable simple materials that do not perish. Excerpt attached below. NOTE: crashlog came from DST Starving Floor 1, a heavily modded server; the crashlog itself does not have any implications that the crash was caused by any mods though. 


crashlog DST_L8 07_09_22.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Have a few bananas and palmcone scales stashed inside Pirate Stash and wait for a sizeable amount of time before digging it (the logs indicate at least 30 minutes, the time from the nil entry and the attempt to dig) 

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