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Crash on container nil value for Knobbly Tree Nuts (oceantreenut)

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As described in title. Appears to be the same bug as someone else reported; the issue is (possibly) caused by tree nuts calling a container variable, but not existing/having the component. Users who were playing on the server (not me, I did not cause/witness the crash) reported an "invisible" tree nut a few days prior after crashing into a Giant Knobbly Tree to drop the tree nut that then shortly after went invisible (but wasn't in the water, it was invisible on their boat) so this may be it. Not sure the causes either way, but it happened on a mod free server, DST United Kingdom Endless. Log excerpt below + link to same crash 

crashlog DST_UK2 09_21_22.txt


Steps to Reproduce

(hypothetically only) 
1. Crash into Giant Knobbly Tree in ocean 
2. Get Knobbly Tree Nut
3. Have it go invisible? or not, place into ocean maybe 

User Feedback

The code that's crashing is this:

local function CanGrow(inst)
    local container = inst.components.submersible:GetUnderwaterObject()
    local underwater_object = container.inst
    if underwater_object ~= nil then

Changing the third line to

local underwater_object = container and container.inst

would fix the crash.

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