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Crash from telelocator telebase empty onhit animations being called when stale

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Crash from a complex situation on a modded creative mode server: a telelocator base called stale components (listed below) while the telelocator base was either destroyed, busy or a gem was being removed. Docks were found to be breaking near the telelocator base/telestands, so that may be it as well. 


The server members are not 100%/clear on what the exact cause was, but the lines below were shown to be stale in the server's traceback. Server was DST Creative Mode, log excerpt shortly before crash: 

crashlog DST_F 09_15_22.txt

Steps to Reproduce

1. (possibly only) Place docks and a telelocator base onto the docks in such a way that the docks can be destroyed, and the rest of the placed docks are also destroyed. 
2. Detonate a gunpowder or otherwise destroy the "root" dock attached to land to make the rest of the dock get destroyed 
3. (possibly only) Have a gem socketed into the telelocator base (or remove it while it's being destroyed) 

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