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[Crash] dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped working.

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The game stop working, and windows can't find a way to fix it, so I'm forced to close the game without saving, generally happens really fast like 30 or 40 seconds after the game is loaded.

(I do not use any mods)

(I was having problems to upload the dxdiag, so I put log and dxdiag in a rar.)


Steps to Reproduce
 I do not know exactly how it happens, but generally I'm just walking or collecting materials and the game just stop working.

User Feedback

Btw I've just noticed that apparently I've posted in the wrong place, if it's  really in the wrong place could you say where I should post?

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Hello @regSotin, welcome to the forums. Based on the logs, this is a bug report for Shipwrecked correct? Previously Shipwrecked bug reports were posted to the SW Klei Bug Tracker but since no one is able to post bugs there anymore, the default place to post bugs for it goes to the [Don't Starve] Bug Tracker Forum. In the mean time, here's a Klei Support Article that details methods for players to do when game crashes randomly like this.

Since the last entry to the log.txt is as follows:

FMOD Error: Can't play event dontstarve/creatures/teasertheparrot/peck: An invalid parameter was passed to this function.

I'd recommend you try to verify the integrity of the game cache then also check for drivers/windows updates just in case. After that, if it still crashes, you should probably post a thread in the [Don't Starve] Bug Tracker Forum and we can continue the conversation there since this Bug Tracker is mainly for DST. I'll try and chime in if you post a new thread in the link I mentioned.

Good luck, cheers.

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