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Cooking ingredient table may contain items that don't exist

Faintly Macabre
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In cooking.lua, the function that adds items to a list of possible crock pot ingredients and their values accepts additional boolean arguments for cooked and dried variations to make adding them automatic. However, several ingredients without cooked variations are passing true for being cookable to the function. For example:

AddIngredientValues({"honey", "honeycomb"}, {sweetener=1}, true)

Where "true" is passed for the boolean argument "cancook". Currently, honey, honeycomb, royal_jelly, and pondeel (the live version of an eel) pass true, despite not having cooked versions (there's no "pondeel_cooked")

Additionally, the naked nostrils are passed together with morsels with "candry" as true, despite there being no "batnose_dried". It should probably be moved into the call above:

AddIngredientValues({"froglegs", "drumstick", "batwing"}, {meat=.5}, true)
AddIngredientValues({"smallmeat", "batnose"}, {meat=.5}, true, true)

And lastly, an entry for the prefab "egg" is included, but no "egg" prefab exists. Presumably was meant for "bird_egg", but that's added in properly a couple of lines below.

I don't know of any circumstance where this should cause a problem now, but it's probably best fixed to prevent any future issues.

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